Definition of Honeypot:

Honeypot is a location-based real-time dating app that enables singles to “check-in” to specific geo-fenced areas (Honeypots) to meet other checked-in singles for a short initial meet-up or date. This is done by “buzzing” (messaging) other people who appear in the geo-fenced area.


Legal entity:

The service is provided by Honeypot Dating Ltd (t/a “Honeypot”), company reg number 11560147 of Flat 3007, 251 Southwark Bridge Road SE1 6JF. The intention of this document is to create an electronic agreement/contract that establishes legally binding terms. You agree that your use of the Honeypot service is strictly subject to these terms. This agreement is between Honeypot and you, the “user”, as defined by the information you provide within the app, where your account is created.  By creating an account you agree that you are over 18 years of age and that you agree to be bound by these conditions, including the Privacy Policy.



Any future update/s to these terms will overwrite any/all previous versions, and will be visible in the app settings, and you always accept any updated version/s. Users will be notified prominently within the app of any significant material change/s. Should you not wish to accept any updated terms then you must cease using the service.


Personal Data (see also Privacy Policy):

You agree that the purpose of the app is to prompt, enable and facilitate messages, texts, conversations and meetings with other singles. As such, you also agree that limited personal data/descriptions you post to your Honeypot profile will be shared with other users as part of the service. Contact details will not be shared with other users and for the sake of safety and privacy, all communication must take place via the Honeypot app until such time as a physical meeting between two or more users takes place.


In app purchases:

We may offer you additional/enhanced/premium services within the app (in-app purchases). These are purely optional.



Agreement may be cancelled at any time, by ceasing to use the service. If you are/become a premium and wish to cancel, this must be done by cancelling the ongoing payment mandate used, eg Apple/GooglePlay. This is the only way of cancelling the premium service. Notice of cancellation to Honeypot will not be acceptable as a method of cancellation. The payment must be stopped by the user, and immediately following such cancellation the premium user will revert to regular (free) user status. There will be no refund given for any unused portion of subscription. 


Your account and profile:

You must have a Facebook account and log into your Honeypot account via Facebook. You authorise us to access and use certain Facebook account information both for our own use and to create your initial Honeypot profile, which you can edit. (NB the initial Honeypot profile only includes first name, age, and profile picture).


When setting up your profile for others to see, you warrant that any information/imagery you provide is wholly truthful, accurate, up to date and in no way misleading. We reserve the right to terminate your account should we believe, at our sole discretion, that this might not be the case.


We also reserve the right to temporarily block or permanently cancel your account if another user/s reports you or your behaviour to us and we find it either in breach of the terms of this agreement or otherwise unacceptable or not in the spirit of Honeypot.  


We also reserve the right to cancel your account if we believe you are using your Honeypot account for any reason other than the intended purpose of arranging to meet like-minded singles within a Honeypot geo-fence. You agree that you will not under any circumstance use your account for any other purpose, such as any form of commercial use such as, but not limited to, advertising or soliciting or promoting a business/sales etc…


In the event of cancellation, you will not be entitled to any pro rata subscription refund.



You are solely responsible for ensuring that your Facebook log-in details remain secure. If you have any reason to believe that your log-in details might have been compromised and you would like us to deactivate your account until such time as new log-in details have been established, then you should email this request to We will not however be responsible for any such data breach that is outside our control and do not undertake to deactivate your account within a specific timescale. We reserve the right to block users from certain IP addresses.


Personal Safety:

You accept that we do not systematically conduct any criminal background checks on our users, nor do we systematically verify any user profile details unless we have reason to do so. We accept no responsibility whatsoever for the conduct of our users.


We nevertheless reserve the right at our sole discretion to conduct specific or random criminal background checks (e.g as sex offender register searches) using publicly available records to the extent permitted by law.


You agree to take all reasonable precautions before, during and after any inter-user communications, particularly if you subsequently decide to communicate off-app.


You accept that Honeypot is solely a facilitator of initial meeting/s and we cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage or distress resulting from an interaction/s between people who meet using the facility.       



You must not post, message or infer any communication that could be regarded as offensive, misleading (including by exaggeration or omission) abusive, obscene, profane, threatening, intimidating, harassing, racially offensive or libellous, nor any material that might infringe another person’s rights (including intellectual property rights, and rights of privacy and publicity), nor must you seek to illicit money or communicate any information that is associated with the distribution of illegal substances, items or extremist ideologies, incitement to hatred or violence etc.  You must not “stalk”, harass or intimidate another user, nor pretend to be anyone else but yourself.



You must not claim to represent Honeypot nor state or imply that any statement you make is in any way endorsed by Honeypot.  



You accept that we may monitor and review any material that you might post within the app, and we may, at our sole discretion, delete all or part of any message that we believe infringes the terms of this agreement, may cause distress, or has the potential to harm another user or Honeypot’s reputation.  


You agree that we may disclose information we hold about you where required to do so in order to enforce this agreement, to protect the rights of ourselves or others, or to comply with the law or any relevant legal action.


Limitation of Use:

You must not access the service with the intention of datamining or disrupting the service, nor use any robots, spiders, data retrieval system, or reverse engineering system, nor must you seek to circumvent the navigational structure of the Honeypot app or transmit any material that contains software viruses, worms etc. You must not seek to mirror, frame or replicate any part of the service, nor transmit, duplicate or publish in any format whatsoever, any replication or screen shot of any aspect of the Honeypot app or any messaging within it.



The Honeypot name, system technology, intellectual property, logo, livery, website/app content and imagery are strictly copyright Honeypot Dating Ltd © 2019. All rights reserved.


Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited, other than in order to refer the service to a friend for their own personal and non-commercial use, and in this event the source must be quoted in its original context.


You may not, except with our express written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content. Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system.


You indemnify and hold us and our employees and affiliates harmless from any loss, liability, claim or demand, including legal fees, due to, or arising out, any breach of this contract on your part, or failure to provide the service described on our part, other than in respect of gross negligence on our part. Gross negligence in this respect does not extend to the loss of, or breach of, your personal data due to hacking, despite our best endeavours to prevent this.



You agree that in the event of any dispute between us then the jurisdiction of a Court of Law in England shall prevail.



The date of this agreement shall be the date on which you subscribe to the Honeypot service.

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