Dating may be spontaneous but we treat your data with the utmost care, and we’re sticking to that promise. Here is our transparent privacy policy so you can see what data we collect, who we collect it from, and how we look after it. It’ll change from time to time, and we’ll notify you of changes as we update this policy


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Last updated: 5th April 2019

Version: v1.0


On our iOS and Android apps


Your Login:


To find and match with other singles, you’ll need a Honeypot account


  • The data is: not anonymous

    • We need to know who you are to set up a profile for you

  • It’s stored for: as long as you have an account with us

  • It’s stored in: our Amazon Web Service (AWS) servers in Ireland

  • Who are we collecting this data from: Facebook

  • What data are we collecting?

    • We collect your age, name, gender and your profile photo

  • Why do we need it?

    • We collect your age so we can help you match to other people of similar ages. Your name and profile photo is used to help add useful information to your profile so other people know who you are. And we use your gender to help you match you to other people who match your preferences.


Profile & Matches:


To help you find those spontaneous matches, we collect some information as you use Honeypot


  • The data is: not anonymous

  • It’s stored for: 90 days after you close your account with us

  • It’s stored in: our Amazon Web Service (AWS) servers in Ireland

  • What data are we collecting?

    • We access location data where you are only when you’re actively using Honeypot but we don’t store it. We only store the general region where you last were (i.e. ‘Shoreditch’, ‘Oxford Street’), including when you entered and for how long you were in these regions. For profile information, we additionally collect a bio and additional photos if you add them to your profile, as well your age-range and gender interests. From your matches, we also collect data on who you match with and your conversations with them. Finally, if you do pay for some of our features, we store payment receipts data from Apple/Google Pay

  • Which third parties do we use to collect this data?

    • If you pay for some of our features, we use Apple Pay (if you’re on iOS) and Google Pay (if you’re on Android) to process payments

  • Why do we need it?

    • We collect profile and location data information to help you find matches with other people using Honeypot. Information about your matches helps you to have conversations with other people you have matched with. And payment information allows you to make purchases to get extra features on your account

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