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What kind of place makes a Honeypot?

Great news, we’ll be releasing our first version of the Honeypot app towards the end of the year so dating and meeting new people is about to get exciting. A selection of Honeypot locations have been identified across London where singles will be able to connect and have real life encounters.

What’s a Honeypot?

Honeypots are predetermined hotspots (think bars, galleries, airports, cafes, nightclubs, squares) in a city, where singles can check in, see who else is single and meet up there and then.

In creating honeypots, we’re pioneering new, real-time, environments for singles to thrive and meet new people through face-to-face interaction. Honeypot enables people who are in the right place at the right time to meet potential partners there and then.

What does it take for a place to become a Honeypot hotspot? In other words, places where singletons can check-in and connect.

It’s got to be somewhere where singles are hanging out anyway. We encourage the singletons of London to check-in at these spots once they’re there without breaking the mould of where they already go. We’re not trying to do anything different on that front but we do want to change the way singles behave and interact with new people once they’re already in their chosen location — making meeting new people and dating on demand easier and more accessible than ever.

Here’s a list of 5 things considered when choosing a Honeypot place:

Sociable. The idea behind Honeypot is to get these places to become hubs for singles to come together so people can meet there and then. When singles check-in, they must feel comfortable so that new introductions are exciting, not scary.Safe. When checking into a Honeypot, you’re always going to be in popular places surrounded by both Honeypot singles and the general public. The way our app works means people will only be able to send you a message once you’ve accepted their ‘Buzz’, which is an alert from another checked in single expressing their interest.

Good vibes. At the end of the day, we want Honeypot connections to happen in cool places, with good vibes and a degree of romance. From cute quirky coffee shops to popping bars, whatever your scene may be, we’ve got you covered.Convenience. All our locations are accessible, well connected and have been carefully selected throughout London.

Unpretentious. Unlike some elitist dating apps, Honeypot is for everyone. We’ll do our very best to choose locations that are unthreatening, uncompetitive, healthy environments for genuine single people to kick-start that first hello and break the ice.

Stay tuned. Honeypot will be dropping in London soon.

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