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The new breed of dating app.

Honeypot is a new breed of dating app that enables people to introduce themselves to other singles who happen to be in the same place at the same time. You then decide if you like that person rather than swiping right on a filtered picture — no more impersonal dates that bail at the last moment!

Our focus is on facilitating a quick, authentic, face-to-face hello in real time.

Honeypot helps you bump into the right people in same place — it’s then up to you if you wish to arrange a date. Unlike other dating apps, for us, a successful match is a spontaneous face-to-face intro to someone who happens to be in the same pub, club, cafe, restaurant, uni, airport etc as you, at the same time.

We’re bringing back real-life first encounters, in a safe environment, with the facility to date on demand if you decide there’s a spark once you’ve actually met. We’re the friend at a party who introduces you to new faces. And…it’s exciting!

How you use Honeypot is completely up to you and how much time you have on your hands in that moment. If a date works for you both of you there and then, then go for it and enjoy yourself but Honeypot is all about getting in-front of new people even if it is a quick hello.

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