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Mute Millennials: The lost art of conversation. Part 1.

In a world where the average adult spends over 3.25 hours on apps every single day and has access to almost 6 million apps, it’s not surprising that single millennials spend an average of 10 hours per week on dating apps.

What are the consequences of singles spending over 40 hours a month searching for a dream date online? How is this affecting the way we’re interacting with each other?

Here’s a short story: A guy catches a girl’s eye in a bar, he counts to three in his head and walks over to her full of confidence and begins a conversation. His intentions are clear; he likes the look of her and wants to find out more. She likes the look of him, and is impressed by his confidence, so continues the chat. The conversation is flowing, the butterflies are in full swing and gut feelings are teetering on the edge of nervousness and excitement. Guy wins the girl and they live happily ever after. The end.

Simple enough, right? We see these stories in the movies, but why does it not happen in real life? Why do we bottle it, or need ‘just one more drink’ to give us dutch courage before mustering the guts to say hello?

Think about it. When was the last time you approached someone who tickled your fancy, out of the blue, and started a conversation? Not much, huh? Before you start being too hard on yourself, you’re not alone. Dating apps have created a culture where it’s completely acceptable to judge and be judged based on your looks and few opening lines of conversation without having to put your neck on the line. Hard rejection simply doesn’t exist. It’s now the norm to spend hours chatting to a stranger without meeting face to face, that a stranger approaching another stranger I-R-L (in real life) has been totally de-normalized.

Let’s face it, dating apps have their place in society, the numbers speak for themselves; (the proud new owners of Tinder) wouldn’t be worth an estimated $5 billion if they weren’t filling a gap in the market. But, do they provide enough to make scrolling through profiles for 10 hours a week worthwhile? 4 hours of messaging back and forth, only to eventually go on a date and find out your match looks nothing like their heavily filtered ‘Ibiza 2016’ photos, and to discover that you couldn’t have less in common if you tried?

Dating apps have turned trying to find relationships into a long and arduous interview process. Where’s the fun and spontaneity gone? Where are the butterflies? Where’s the first spark?

Surely there’s a better, more wholesome, more efficient way of meeting other singles.

The good news is that we’ve created Honeypot 🍯. An app, here to bridge the gap between modern dating technology and old fashioned, face to face, first encounters.

Think of Honeypot 🍯 as the ultimate wingman/wingwoman. People can use the app to check into a Honeypot they’re near (which could contain a bar, gallery, train station), and we’ll show all the other singles who have also checked-in to the same place, at the same time. By connecting, they can arrange a face to face meet up, there and then, instantly. Even if it’s just for a couple of minutes. No more need for repetitive, and often fruitless, ‘hey how are you?’ conversations from behind a screen. Let’s face it, you really couldn’t care less about how Tom, 24 from Tinder’s, day is going. Honeypot allows people to meet face to face, immediately.

Read our next blog post to find out how to approach and hold a conversation with a stranger in real life.

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