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Your Rights


  • We’ll keep you up to date

    • If we change this policy, we’ll keep you informed of any changes

  • We can show you the data we collect on you

    • If you would like to see the data that we’re collecting on you, feel free to email us at privacy@honeypot.dating

  • You can change your data

    • If you see that any of the data we’re storing about you is incorrect, please let us know and we’ll correct it for you

  • You can delete your data

    • If there’s any data about you that you would rather we didn’t have access to, we’ll be happy to delete it for you

  • You can restrict the data we collect on you

    • If you want, we can restrict use of the data that we collect from you - please do let us know if this is the case

  • You can transfer your data to someone else

    • If you would like us to make your data available to other services, we’ll be happy to do that for you

  • You can complain

    • If there is something that we are doing with this data that you just don’t like, send us an email

  • You can change your mind

    • If you want to withdraw consent over the collection of your data and how we process it, we’ll be happy to do so

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