At Honeypot, we want you to enjoy using the app and meeting other members of the wonderful Honeypot community.  We consistently encourage positive behaviour and our members to form responsible and meaningful relationships throughout our messaging both on and off the app.  Your safety is our number 1 priority and as such please take the time to read the below advice and guidance as how to best use our app:


Our 3 Golden Rules:


  1. Always treat others as you would like to be treated yourself

  2. If you match with some and agree to meet up. Don’t ghost them, or you risk being reported and blocked from Honeypot.

  3. Always meet in a public place.


Online Behaviour:


Protect your personal information at all times and never share the following information, but not limited to: your financial details (including credit card number, bank account information), your home or work address to other members you haven’t met yet face to face.  Honeypot will never ask for the above information either, and so should you be contacted by anyone impersonating Honeypot please let us know immediately.


No users on Honeypot should ever ask you to transfer money to them and should this happen, please report them immediately. You can do that here. For more information on the Governments guidance to avoiding scams please see here.


If anyone is acting suspiciously or in an abusive manner on the app then you should report them immediately and block them.  Your anonymity will always be preserved.  Reported users will be investigated by one of our team and the necessary steps will be taken in order to prevent the user from being able to contact other users of the app. Examples of suspicious behaviour include, but not limited to:


Anyone you suspect is under the age of 18

Anyone asking for money or donations

Anyone sending abusive or offensive messages

Anyone sending harassing messages

Users sending spam or advertising on the app

Anyone you suspect of having a catfish profile


Offline Behaviour:


Make sure you meet your matches in a public place. You should never plan to meet a match at yours or their home. If they try to pressure you to meet them in a secluded location then we strongly advise against it.  If you feel unsure about meeting someone, feel free to contact us at any time.


Only use your own vehicle or public transport to meet your match, make sure your phone is charged and that your let your friends or/and family know where you are going.


To do:


How to block/report someone guide


Link to government guidance on fraud (

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