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From the co-founders.

Every person who downloads Honeypot must want a different experience of dating. We understand your frustrations with other apps - we’ve used them ourselves. The hard graft, the small talk, the giving up of your whole evening for a first date, the pressure. We're done with it. We want you to think differently. To act differently. To think Honeypot. 


Spontaneous after work-drink that was planned an hour before? Think Honeypot. Time for a 15 minute coffee in your lunch break? Think Honeypot. Being at a museum then having a serendipitous wonder with someone new? Now that has Honeypot written all over it! 



Date that day

Imagine a dating app that shows you who's available to meet today.


That's exciting. That's spontaneous. That's impulsive. That's Honeypot.

Powered by stories

A picture of a coffee? A cheeky selfie? A snap of your dog? Go wild!

By adding to your story shows other singles near you you're open to dating today.

Local dating

A honeypot is an area designed for dating. Think London boroughs, airports, university campuses, ski resorts, festivals...

Free today? Add story.


Cut the small talk

'I really enjoy small-talking for weeks on end with someone', said nobody. Let's cut to the chase and get straight to meeting that day.

Keep it short and sweet.

Dating Reinvented.

Free today? Add story.

Disclaimer: a degree of spontaneous behaviour is required.

Download it.

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